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Monday, 31 December 2018

How to download starmaker contents?

Starmaker is a popular singing platform app that allows you to record your own audio or video covers that can be shared with the Starmaker community and others on the web.


In this post I am going to share a workaround for starmaker users who wish to download their starmaker contents including pics, audio and videos.

Download starmaker contents

Starmaker doesn't allow contants downloading for some reasons on their site but with the help of some thrid party software/websites it is possible to download starmaker contents to your device.
There are a few online websites that claim to download contents from starmaker. One of those websites is . Although this site is not affiliated with the official starmaker but uses third party programs or Apis to connect to the official starmaker.
Every post on Starmaker has a unique URL that you can copy and paste to the input box on and then the starmakerDownloader tool converts your url into downloadable format. Doesn't it sound quite easy? .

Another possible similar tool is . This tool not only allows you to convert your starmaker contents but you can also convert your youtube URLs to downloadable format.
To download starmaker using all you need to do is copy the Starmaker URL and put it in the input box on next press the submit . You will get a converted URL that you can copy and type in the browser to download the file.

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