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Thursday, 16 May 2019

How to create UCO ebanking/internet banking account ?

How to create an Uco ebanking account online?

In this post I will show you how you can easily create your online UCO ebanking account.

What is uco ebanking?

UCO ebanking is an online banking platform provided by UCO Bank .Which allows you to manipulate your bank account online anywhere and anytime using an internet connected device.

With UCO ebanking you can do the following things :

  • You can Transfer funds from your account to any other account in India.

  • You can see your full account statement.

  • You can link aadhar/pan/email to your existing bank account.

  • You can request checkbook for your account.

  • You can open FD account online

  • You can add payees to your account. Payee is the person to whom you can transfer money.

  • You can pay online using your account on sites that accept internet banking

How to register for UCO ebanking?

Registration process for UCO ebanking is as simple as ABC. You don't need to go to your bank branch to open the banking account but instead you can create it yourself anywhere using your internet connected device.

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What you need to get started

To start using UCO ebanking , your bank account must be at least 6 months old. If you recenty opened your bank account then you will need to wail untill your account becomes 6 months old. Before you can create your online banking account you must meet the following conditions:

  • Your bank account should be mobile number linked and at least 6 months old.

  • You must have the mobile number you linked with your account.

  • You must have an activated debit card. You Will need your debit card for your ebanking account creation process.

If you have all the mentioned things ready, then you are good to go ahead.

Let's sign up for UCO ebanking now

Go to the following screen will appear on your browser:

There are multiple banking options available on the ebanking homepage. Since you are new and want to create a personal banking account so click on the Personal banking button on the left vertical menues to navigate to uco personal banking login page.

personal banking login page :

The page will ask you to login to your banking account, since you do not have login credentials you can skip this and click on the create new account link on the right side.
The next step is to varify your bank account. Click on create new account to reach the account registration page. The page will look something like the following:

This page will ask you to varify your bank account. Fill up the form with required fields.
Account number Add your existing uco bank account number to this input field.
One of the last five transactions You can put any one amount out of 5 you last withdrew or deposited. For example add 500 and select Debit in the next checkbox if you last withdrew 500 rupees from your bank account.
Now click on the submit button. Uco bank will then send an OTP to your regestered mobile number to varify your account.
Add your OTP to complete this verification process and to go to the last and final internet banking account creation step.

The last step

Once you complete the verification, you will then get redirected to fill up a form where you will needto add you Debit card number , create a password etc in order to finish the account creation step.
Uco bank will provide you an unique ID that you will need to login to your account. You will get the ID instantly after creating your account.
Your Unique login id can take 24 to 72 hours to be activated and once its activated you can start using Internet banking of UCO bank.

If you are not comfortable with web based UCO ebanking, you can download the Android or IOS mbanking app of UCO bank which provides you the same and easy to manage features.

Hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading!! Cheers!!

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