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Saturday, 1 June 2019

How to change youtube channel default layout to brand type account

When you create a YouTube channel the default channel layout you get is vertical type and your account looks something like the following on YouTube App

You can easily change your layout to make it look like a brand account with inline menues like the following screenshot :

Although on YouTube app you will not get any options to change your channel layout, but you can easily and within seconds do it using YouTube web version.

change channel layout using YouTube web version

  • Go to in your chrome browser and click on Request desktop site in your chrome settings. If you get redirected to your Youtube app instead of the web version then you have to change settings of your Youtube app. Go to App meneger in your phone and find the YouTube app to update settings. Change the permission of app to "Ask every time" in supported links field .

  • You are now on YouTube web version. press the "Your channel" button located left top of the youtube page.

  • On the next page , press the setting icon located before the subscribe button :

  • Now the following pop up box will appear on your screen . Turn On the customize channel button

    And finnaly press the submit button to save your change. That's it. You can now open your Youtube app to see your channel in new layout. If the new new layout still doesn't show up then try refreshing your Youtube app.

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