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Monday, 2 December 2019

Stihl FS55 Grass cutter trimmer India full specification and how to use it

Stihl FS55 grass cutter

FS55 is a grass cutting machine made by Stihl one of the biggest Chain saw and cutting tool producer based in Germany. FS55 is a nice grass cutting tool especially designed for grass, paddy crop and bush trimming purposes. This machine has a patrol based 27.2CC powerful engine whith a very low fuel consumption.

FS55 is a handy machine for grass trimming and first choice of every farmer in india, US and other parts of the world where sthil products are available.

Since this is a German product, India is an importer of large number of stihl products including Chain saw, grass cutter, cultivater ,sprayer and other related products.

Stihl FS55 full specification:

  • Made by : Stihl

  • Model : FS55

  • Engine :27.2CC 2Stroke

  • Fuel used :Patrol

  • Fuel Ratio : 40ML 2T oil with 1Ltr patrol

  • Fuel Tank : 330ML

  • Fuel consumption : Roughly 250ML in 1 hour

  • Weight : 5Kg

Stihl FS55 comes with a dimond cutter blade , bush cutter , Tap and go cutter , fuel bottle, Stihl sunglasses + 1 harness.
In India the machine is available to buy on all major online shopping sites including Flipkart, Amazon and ebay. The machine can also be bought from stihl retailers through India. The machine comes with 1 year warranty which means if there is any problem in the machine during this warranty period the company will replace or repair the affected part for free.

Stihl fs55 Patrol + Oil mixture

The machine uses mixed oil (Patrol + 2T oil) . In order to maintain the safety of the stihl machine engine ,always use a mixture of Patrol and 2T oil. 2T oil is used as lubrication which keeps the engine in good condition and provides lubrication.
As recommended by Stihl , Always use 40ML 2T oil with 1Ltr patrol. You can easily get 2T oil from motorcycle repair shop . 2T oil comes with 40ML plastic pouch which costs 10 rupees per pouch.

Accessories you will get when you buy a new stihl FS55 machine

  • Dimond cutter blade used for cutting grass ,paddy crop.

  • Bush cutter blade used for bush cutting and hard grass

  • Tap n go cutter is used to cut soft grass on ground.

  • Harness

How to start the stihl FS55 machine?

The starting process is simple, all you need to do to start your FS55 is

  1. Toggle the switch located on handle from Left to right.

  2. Push the choke down to up

  3. Now press the fuel bulb 3 or five times and finally pull the starter rope.

Your machine engine will start imigeatly in 1 or two rope pull if the engine is not cold. And if its cold it may take 4 to 6 rope pull. Do not forget to turn off the choke after your engine has started. Push the choke from up position to down to turn it off.

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